CançonSongs and Carnaval, new records

The El Far Blau – Limit Records Production Company is releasing two new records scheduled to hit the market on September 1. The first is a triple CD entitled CançonSongs, which, as its name implies, contains songs from some of our country’s most salient composers, such as Salvador Brotons, Leonora Milà, Manuel Oltra, Albert Guinovart, Antoni Besses and Albert Moraleda. These songs for voice and piano, 54 altogether, are performed by top names from Catalonia’s current lyric scene. Performers include Marta Mathéu, Assumpta Mateu, Pau Bordas, Maria Lluïsa Muntada, Inés Moraleda, Carles Masdeu and Maria Àngels Sarroca, accompanied on the piano by Josep Surinyac, Antoni Besses, Coloma Bonnín, Albert Guinovart and Leonora Milà. Exquisite music which breaches borders; a unique collection diverse enough to capture the attention of music buffs and fans of good music.

A second album
The second record, which may also be purchased as of September 1, bears the name Carnaval. This CD stars the young pianist Enrique Bagaría (winner of the 2006 Maria Canals International Competition) performing the works Carnaval, by Robert Schumann, the unrecorded Carnaval by Leonora Milà and three pieces by Liszt. This is potentially one of the most interesting albums of 2011, a record that blends veteran talent and youth, commercial appeal and risqué choices, known and unrecorded pieces, simplicity and depth. Altogether, a singular, unique and high-quality product, exquisitely presented.

Presentation of the new records
The records CançonSongs and Carnaval will be presented before the media and general public on September 1, at 11 o’clock in the morning, in the Chamber Music Hall at the Palau de la Música Catalana. Event attendees will include all the performers, composers and crew members who took part in producing these albums, along with the writers Oriol Pi de Cabanyes and Teresa Costa-Gramunt, charged with hosting the event. Following the presentation, audience members and media guests will be afforded a chance to hear several brief interpretations of pieces from the records CançonSongs and Carnaval.